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I called the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC today, the one in the Old Post Office building that’s already in violation of its lease with the General Services Administration.

Before making a reservation, I told the clerk I had a few questions. Knowing how much our president wants to keep us safe from terrorists, I wanted to be sure there were armed guards on every floor. He said that wasn’t the case so I then asked if Muslims were restricted from registering as guests or entering the building. He explained to me that the hotel doesn’t discriminate. I didn’t feel comfortable with that policy and ended the conversation by stating I would look for another Trump property with more stringent protections in place.

I’m pretty sure the clerk didn’t know what to think.

If Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge that profiting from his commercial empire while president creates serious conflicts of interest, his businesses are fair game for protest. Fortunately, an excellent tool first developed by Bernie Sanders’ digital campaign team allows us to do just that. Check it out.

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