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Two days after signing a mammoth tax cut for the Trump family and ultra-wealthy Republican donors, our fake-president told friends at Mar-a-Lago “You all just got a lot richer.” Notice that he didn’t follow up by demanding they pass that largesse on to workers as higher wages, and to create new jobs or bring others back from overseas. That’s something you’d expect from a true populist, except you’d never find one at Mar-a-Lago. It certainly wouldn’t come from Donald Trump unless he was peddling the snake oil and Kool-Aid he’s famous for at a rally of true believers.

Speaking of Trump’s winter White House, the Washington Post reports that prices for tickets at Mar-a-Lago’s “very glam” New Year’s Eve party went up this year, another example of how the Grifter-in-Chief thinks nothing of lining his own pockets while president. [Trigger alert: Reading this article may induce vomiting.]

One guest and fan is quoted as saying: “Now he’s president, and he’s accomplished so much already.” That’s certainly true if you happen to be a white billionaire whose major worries are sagging skin; an evangelical Christian who sees the Trump administration as proof of God’s will; a gun owner convinced that even more firearms are the answer to epidemic levels of gun violence; a neo-Nazi or white supremacist thrilled that an ally now sits in the Oval Office; or someone who doesn’t know the difference between real journalism and state-run TV, aka Fox News.

More than two centuries ago, the French had an answer to the obscene wealth that royalty and the upper classes enjoyed. It was called the guillotine. I’d settle for a Democratic takeover of the Senate and House in 2018.

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Yesterday, Ted Stevens gave his farewell speech on the floor of the Senate. The long-serving Alaska senator was forced to give up his seat after being found guilty of multiple counts of corruption and losing his re-election bid. Despite the fact that he was a convicted felon, his colleagues gave him a standing ovation nearly one-minute long when he finished his speech. This CNN.com screen shot says it all:


(click on image to enlarge)

Senator Lieberman was among those praising Stevens, earning yet another merit badge for bipartisanship. Funny how ten years ago, he was the first Republican Democrat to publicly castigate Clinton for his moral failings in the Lewinsky affair. The man deserves a strong boot in the tuchas not a place in the Democratic caucus. 

Think Progress has the Stevens story and video if you have the stomach to watch it:


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