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Sometimes when I reflect on George W. Bush’s presidency, I wish he had remained a drunk: he would have done a lot less damage down in Midland, Texas as an alcoholic than he did as a White House teetotaler. Whenever he or Cheney or Rice claimed that the world was better off without Saddam Hussein in power I couldn’t help thinking how much better the world would be if George W. Bush had stayed down South.

Two disastrous wars, an economy on life support, the Constitution shredded, the executive branch corrupted, and our international standing badly tarnished doesn’t leave one with much of a record to stand on. Indeed, all Bush could rely on in his exit interviews were spurious claims about making “tough” decisions (however dumb, ineffective, unrealistic, hypocritical, self-serving, or ideologically and politically based), keeping this country safe after 9/11 (as if his term of office didn’t begin until the following day and everyone has reason to feel secure now), and certainty that history will absolve him.

It must be next to impossible for anyone, let alone such a small-minded, petulant, spoiled brat, to acknowledge and take responsibility for the mammoth mess he’s left us — a hole so deep and filled with suffering that even Daddy and Daddy’s friends can’t bale him out this time. This was, after all, an administration who explained every failing with the excuse: “Who could have predicted (choose one): (1) airplanes would be used as weapons; (2) chaos and civil war would erupt in Iraq after we invaded; (3) Katrina’s storm surge would flood New Orleans; (4) questionable Wall Street practices would lead to an economic collapse.”

Many of us, of course, did know but who, eight years ago, could have predicted it would ever turn out this bad? That no one had any inkling is a measure of the epic ineptitude of #43.

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On February 29, 2008, Nancy Pelosi visited Princeton as guest of honor at a fundraiser for our local Congressman. This was the color version of a b&w ad that greeted her in the local paper:

This next flyer was deemed a bit too confrontational for Princeton’s delicate sensibilities:
Protesters were kept hundreds of yards away from the hotel where Pelosi was speaking. It’s only right, after all, that lawmakers who send American men and women overseas to dodge bullets, rockets, and IEDs in an unjustified, catastrophic war, should be protected from critical words.

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