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We know that the Narcissist-in-Chief watches a lot of TV in between rounds of golf, so here is some recommended viewing for him — if he ever gets bored with Fox and Friends — and anyone else who might be interested in understanding how low he has brought the presidency: Just watch any video clips of speeches or guest appearances on late-night talk shows by the man who preceded him in office.

They reveal someone with more class, integrity, intelligence, humor, warmth, sincerity, eloquence, and grace than DJT can ever hope to have. What’s truly remarkable though is that this black-skinned con artist, with a name that sounds like a Muslim terrorist, was born, according to McDonald’s First Customer, in a hut [Editor’s note: Nigeria/Kenya? What’s the difference?] in one of the shithole countries of Africa — and therefore had no business being in this country in the first place.

If the Grifter-in-Chief is looking for examples of what makes America great, he’ll find them, not by looking in the mirror or to his white supremacist base, but at replays of former president Obama on TV.

[Special note to Ivanka Trump]: Is this how you empower Third World women — by calling their native countries “shitholes”? To paraphrase something you said several weeks ago about Roy Moore: There’s a special place in hell, right next to Roy Moore in fact, for those who say one thing but actively work in support of the opposite.

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Of all the written or spoken commentaries that expressed outrage at Trump’s latest vulgarity, none did it more powerfully, and with laser focus, than Philip Kennicott, the Washington Post’s art and architecture critic. Read his column and see if it doesn’t get right to the heart of what this nation and its institutions are becoming under the current president.

And on a lighter note, check out what’s being projected over the Trump International Hotel’s entrance in Washington, DC.


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In his June 23, 2017 column for New York magazine, Andrew Sullivan makes a compelling argument that Trump’s domestic and foreign policy agenda is driven by the need to undo whatever Obama did. Sullivan refrains from offering any reasons for the president’s spite, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it all dates back to the needling that #44 subjected yet-to-be #45 at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011 (the same night, incidentally, that the Osama bin Laden raid took place). Witnesses report that the Well-Coiffed One sat stiffly throughout Obama’s hilarious monologue, which Ivanka would probably call “vicious” today.

Knowing what we now know about the notoriously thin-skinned, perpetually victimized narcissist who sits in the White House tweeting and watching TV news, it doesn’t sound at all far-fetched. Wonderful, isn’t it, to realize that withdrawing from the Paris Accord on climate change, betting the future on fossil fuels, shredding the safety net, rolling back civil rights protections, ripping families of American citizens apart by deporting one or both immigrant parents, insulting our NATO allies, cozying up to murderous dictators, gifting the 1% with enormous tax cuts, undermining prison, police, and Wall Street reform, gutting environmental, food and workplace safety protections, sabotaging public schools, and withdrawing critical support from world health programs, is because someone couldn’t take a joke.

That would be a joke in itself if the consequences weren’t so grave and it wasn’t the least bit funny.

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Here are excerpts from Obama’s speech on the stimulus package that he gave to House Democrats at their retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia on February 5. Unfortunately, you’ll have to endure an introductory segment that’s 20 seconds of absolute corn but don’t give up: This is the leader we voted for.

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This cover from the current issue of Mad magazine is priceless: as much a keepsake as any newspaper account of Inauguration Day. Unlike the New Yorker’s controversial fist-bump cover of Barack and Michelle as resident White House terrorists which I also loved, this one is all too real — except of course that Obama doesn’t seem freaked by anything. (One of the reasons he was elected!)

The inside feature detailing his first 100 minutes in office is pretty hysterical too, e.g., “00:01-02: Round up Michelle and kids, give finger to Bush and Cheney, head to Oval Office; 00:03: Remove stupid flag pin from lapel;” etc. etc.

I guess Obama’s presidency doesn’t mean the death of political humor after all.


Thanks to SG for the issue. I would probably have missed it completely.

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Inauguration Day was filled with many memorable moments but the image that remains most poignant for me was the scene, as shown on TV, of the parade in the early evening. By this time, the Obamas stood almost alone in the reviewing stand. The bands, as far as I could tell, had marched through cold, dark streets until they arrived at the small, floodlit area in front of the presidential party; less than a minute later, they were swallowed by darkness again. The crowds had already thinned out considerably.

In spite of the upbeat music, there was something vaguely depressing about the picture: the reviewing stand seemed but a tiny, forlorn and impoverished outpost in an enveloping gloom devoid of warmth — aren’t parades supposed to take place in bright sunlight? And where was the entourage of family, friends and other dignitaries who were present when the parade began? Why had they deserted the First Couple? I found myself wishing Barack and Michelle could leave too: they had already put in a long, eventful day and still had a full night ahead of them. I suppose that protocol, and respect for those who came from afar at great expense to honor the new president, compelled them to stay. Perhaps they were even enjoying themselves.

But in another respect, it was also a metaphorical lesson about where the country is now. In this dark time, a tall, thin black man stands rooted in a vision of light, carrying an immense weight on his shoulders. Instead of flinching, he accepts his burden wholeheartedly. Who else would dare to take on this daunting challenge at all, let alone with so much grace, conviction, integrity, humility, intelligence, compassion, and coolness? Who else could inspire over two million citizens to come together for hours in frigid temperatures to witness this history-making moment? It’s ironic that a society still scarred by racism now looks to a black man for leadership and recovery. We must not let him carry the burden alone. Our fates are irrevocably linked.

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Here’s a blog you might want to bookmark and return to over and over again the next four years: a compilation of videos documenting the nationwide (and international) euphoria that erupted at 11:00 pm when CNN projected Obama as the President-elect. Best to keep a box of tissues handy. This was a night for the ages.


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Tuesday night, Karl Rove, speaking on Fox News about Obama’s election, said: “It is a hopeful and optimistic thing for our country, and for the world it’s a great symbol of what America’s all about.” Karl, if you really believe this, why have you spent your entire political life doing everything in your power to undermine and destroy American democracy? Shouldn’t you be in a jail cell rather than pontificating on TV?

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