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Does the White House have any mirrors? I’m beginning to wonder.

Last week, the “Plutocrat-in-Chief” called several respected news organizations “the enemy of the American people.”

Maybe he should look in the mirror every once in a while — assuming he can see past his thin skin and narcissism — and ask who else might reasonably be considered a U.S. enemy.

How about someone who has:

  • Repeatedly lied to the American public
  • Attacked the judiciary, Muslims and other minorities, women, the disabled, war heroes, journalists, TV shows and performers, businesses, and intelligence agencies
  • Claimed that millions of people voted illegally in the last election despite all evidence to the contrary
  • Nominated unqualified/ethically challenged/ideologues (choose one or more) to head cabinet departments, and in some cases undermine their missions
  • Encouraged the rise of white nationalist hate groups
  • Carried on a bromance with Russia’s ruthless dictator Vladimir Putin
  • Refused to make public his tax returns
  • Created myriad conflicts of interest as president by retaining ownership of his far-flung business empire
  • Conducted sensitive diplomatic discussions in public at Mar-a-Lago
  • Demonstrated gross transition and governing ineptitude
  • Alienated trusted allies and large numbers of federal employees
  • Failed to reassure the majority of citizens who voted against him that he understands their concerns
  • Relied on senior advisors with zero experience in government
  • Presided over a White House staff marked by infighting and disarray
  • Struggled to fill key positions in his administration
  • Promoted a delusional dystopian vision of America
  • Slammed the door on refugees and immigrants escaping war, terrorism, economic hardship, and criminal violence
  • Called climate change a Chinese hoax
  • Dismissed Russian interference in the 2016 election as fake news

According to this column in the Washington Post, he wouldn’t even be granted a security clearance if he were applying for a White House position now.

If being a threat to American values and democracy were a crime, Donald Trump’s framed image in government offices would be replaced by a wanted poster — Public Enemy #1, hiding in plain sight. His ranting and ravings, insults and bullying, are nothing but the projections of a seriously unbalanced personality that is manifestly unfit for the presidency.


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Dear President Trump,

I understand you have reopened your search for a national security advisor and would like to submit my name for consideration.

As you will note in the attached resume, I have absolutely no governmental experience — much like you before being elected to office by a historically large margin. I’m also completely lacking in in-depth or even superficial knowledge of the issues that would fall under my purview if hired for this position. I say this, not to brag, but to point out how much I have in common with your senior advisors, Stephen Bannon and son-in-law Jared, and any number of your cabinet appointees.

Another thing in my favor is that I never read newspapers like The New York Times or Washington Post, or watch CCN — media that, along with SNL, you have correctly identified as enemies of the American people. I prefer to stay abreast 🙂 of current events by watching Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends, and checking out Breitbart News, which you can always count on for the unvarnished truth or alternative fact.

As far as handling sensitive policy matters goes, I believe that we’re definitely on the same wavelength. Why just the other day, my ex-wife and I had a screaming argument about alimony in front of other patrons at a local club. What’s more, the waitress took my side while delivering my glass of Trump Meritage and “accidentally” spilling coffee on the ex.

Which reminds me: Ivanka Trump is my go-to brand whenever I’m buying gifts for all my girlfriends. Nothing against Melania but I’d be happy to bring one or two of them along with me for an interview if you get my drift.

Thank you for taking time between golf rounds and watching the cable shows to look at my resume. Out of respect for your preferences, I’ve kept it one-page and 3 bullet-points long, and included a Google map to show where I live. Hiring me would go a long way towards fulfilling your campaign promise to bring back jobs — did I mention that I am currently a telemarketer in the Philippines?

With your permission, I’d like to end by being a bit poetic: If you’re in need of an octane booster for your fine-tuned machine of an administration, I’m definitely your additive.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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During her CNN interview with Jake Tapper on Tuesday, Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway argued that much of the critical coverage of her boss showed a lack of “respect for and recognition of the dignity [of] the office of President.”

Sorry Kellyanne but it cuts both ways.

How does Donald Trump show respect for the presidency by undermining faith in our basic democratic institutions through constant lying? Or by attacking judges doing their constitutionally mandated job?

How does he honor his responsibility to the country by nominating manifestly unqualified, ethically challenged, ideologues to head government agencies? Or by not reaching out to the majority of citizens who voted for his opponent?

Why does he deserve to be called “Mr. President” when he refuses to divest himself of an ownership stake in his business empire?

And what kind of dignity does this Narcissist-in-Chief demonstrate by tweeting about tv shows, the size of his inauguration crowds, and his adult daughter’s business affairs?

It’s a wonder to me how journalists like Tapper manage to interview Trump’s apologists — Conway, Vice-president Pence, chief-of-staff Reince Priebus, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan — without having their heads explode. For that kind of professionalism, they have my greatest respect. Me? I’d be tearing my hair out, burying my head in my hands, or sputtering incoherently at the shameless cravenness, evasiveness, dishonesty, and hypocrisy of people who, not being Trump, ought to know better.

I can only hope that a day will come when tv or radio broadcasts will provide a laugh track to accompany interviews with the Oval Office Kool-Aid drinkers. Because that is what they truly deserve — the only appropriate response of an enlightened and empowered citizenry that won’t accept crap as answer.

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