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For all those who believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, Obama is the anti-Christ who was born in Kenya not the United States, Medicare is socialized medicine, senior citizens will be euthanized under healthcare reform, insurance companies are a cancer patient’s dearest friend, gay marriage will destroy their own straight marriages, global warming is a scientific hoax, God created the world in seven days, and the Republican party cares about anything other than protecting the rich and regaining political power, this flag’s for you:

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Maira Kalman offers a lovely remembrance of Inauguration Day while paying homage to all that is worth celebrating:


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This cover from the current issue of Mad magazine is priceless: as much a keepsake as any newspaper account of Inauguration Day. Unlike the New Yorker’s controversial fist-bump cover of Barack and Michelle as resident White House terrorists which I also loved, this one is all too real — except of course that Obama doesn’t seem freaked by anything. (One of the reasons he was elected!)

The inside feature detailing his first 100 minutes in office is pretty hysterical too, e.g., “00:01-02: Round up Michelle and kids, give finger to Bush and Cheney, head to Oval Office; 00:03: Remove stupid flag pin from lapel;” etc. etc.

I guess Obama’s presidency doesn’t mean the death of political humor after all.


Thanks to SG for the issue. I would probably have missed it completely.

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Yesterday, Ted Stevens gave his farewell speech on the floor of the Senate. The long-serving Alaska senator was forced to give up his seat after being found guilty of multiple counts of corruption and losing his re-election bid. Despite the fact that he was a convicted felon, his colleagues gave him a standing ovation nearly one-minute long when he finished his speech. This CNN.com screen shot says it all:


(click on image to enlarge)

Senator Lieberman was among those praising Stevens, earning yet another merit badge for bipartisanship. Funny how ten years ago, he was the first Republican Democrat to publicly castigate Clinton for his moral failings in the Lewinsky affair. The man deserves a strong boot in the tuchas not a place in the Democratic caucus. 

Think Progress has the Stevens story and video if you have the stomach to watch it:


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Here’s a blog you might want to bookmark and return to over and over again the next four years: a compilation of videos documenting the nationwide (and international) euphoria that erupted at 11:00 pm when CNN projected Obama as the President-elect. Best to keep a box of tissues handy. This was a night for the ages.


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As if to prove that Republicans and reality have a strained relationship, Governor Palin hasn’t stopped talking since Barack Obama was elected President by a substantial margin. For someone who played hide-and-seek with the media throughout the campaign, she’s impossible to get off the stage now. Doesn’t she realize there’s no one left in the audience but hardcore fans who believe, as she apparently does, that God is a doorman.

A few pundits are citing the need for a serious intervention but until that happens, here’s one easy step to take: an online petition asking her to just shut up.  


If it collects sixty-seven million signatures or more, maybe she’ll finally get the point 🙂 .

Feel free to spread the word. It’s worth a look if only for the hilarious comments that people have included next to their names. I keep going back because it’s like having a stand-up comic on-call all day. 

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For many on the left, the fear that ignorant, bigoted, paranoid “real Americans” would once again determine who our leaders were was enough to seriously dream of emigrating. I don’t know whether those on the right have similar plans now that McCain has lost, but how many countries would actually take them in? Not Canada to be sure, or any European socialist democracy, and certainly not the non-white nations of the Mid-East, Africa, or Asia. Putin’s Russia is a good possibility, but there’s a better one much closer to home — Guantanamo. Let’s recycle it from a prison for detainees in the war on terror to a resettlement camp for so-called American “patriots.” We’ve been told that the food, facilities, and medical care are excellent, and that the location is beyond the reach of American courts. Moreover, you won’t find a more gated, gated community.

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